Friday, May 7, 2010

From Heaven to Ekla Cholo Re..

7th of May is Rabindra Nath Tagore's Birthday. My first memories of Tagore belong to Heaven poem read in school textbook.....

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

It still reverberates in the deep of my heart. And I can bet, there would hardly be any student who doesn't feel inspired and proud of being an Indian. Over the years, the thought and the gist behind the words have not faded into oblivion!
Gurudev was born in the year 1861. Winning the Nobel prize in 1913 for his master piece Gitanjali, Tagore is a doyen of Indian Culture.
Another evarlasting memory associated with Gurudev is of Ekla Cholo Re. This song has some inherent energy reminding of that era and filling the mind with the belief to always move forward, come what may. These are the Bangla words of the song along with a rendition by Kishore Kumar.

Jodi tor đak shune keu na ashe tôbe êkla chôlo re,
Êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo re.
Jodi keu kôtha na kôe, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi shôbai thake mukh firaee shôbai kôre bhôe---
Tôbe pôran khule
O tui mukh fuţe tor moner kôtha êkla bôlo re.
Jodi shôbai fire jae, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi gôhon pôthe jabar kale keu fire na chae---
Tôbe pôther kãţa
O tui rôktomakha chôrontôle êkla dôlo re.
Jodi alo na dhôre, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi jhôŗ-badole ãdhar rate duar dêe ghôre---
Tôbe bojranôle
Apon buker pãjor jalie nie êkla jôlo re.


  1. The works of Rabindranath are universal .. he is the creative genius .

  2. Tagore is the first Asian person to be awarded with the Nobel prize. His songs, popularly known as Rabindrasangeet, have an eternal appeal.
    .. thanks for remembering him on his 150th birthday

  3. On the 150th birthday of The creative genius called Rabindranath Tagore...he was the only litterateur who penned anthems of two countries: Bangladesh and India: Amar Shona Bangla and jana Gana Mana.

  4. नोबेल पुरस्कार प्राप्त रवींद्रनाथ टैगोर बहुमुखी प्रतिभा के धनी थे। राष्ट्रगान की रचना के लिए भारतवासी उन्हें कभी नहीं भुला पाएंगे।


  6. Tagore was a scholar, poet, writer and a philosopher.His scholarship embraced a wide realm of arts, including composing poems and, writing novels, short stories, dramas, essays as well as painting. Tagore’s songs, known as Rabindrasangeet

    You have posted a very Inspiring and melodious song.

  7. Hi!

    Truly said , those lines do make us proud, but im ashamed to say that ive not read anything else other than those lines, of this great writer of our country.

    thanks for the insight freind...

  8. तेरा आह्वान सुन कोई ना आए तो चल तू अकेला.
    चल अकेला , चल अकेला, चल तू अकेला!
    तेरा आह्वान सुन कोई ना आए तो चल तू अकेला.

    जब सबके मुँह पे पाश..
    ओरे ओरे ओ अभागी! सबके मुँह पे पाश.
    हर कोई मुँह मोड़के बैठे, हर कोई डर जाय!
    तब भी तू दिल खोलके, अरे! जोशमें आकर,
    मनका गाना गूँज तू अकेला!
    जब हर कोई वापस जाय..

    ओरे ओरे ओ अभागी! हर कोई बापस जाय..
    कानन-कूचकी बेला पर सब कोनेमें छिप जाय!
    तब भी कंटक-वनमें तेरे शोणित-रंजित चरणसे
    भाई! दौड तू अकेला.

    जब कोई ना दीपक धरे..
    ओरे ओरे ओ अभागी! दीपक धरे न कोई..
    घोर तुफानी रातको कोई बंध करे जब द्वार
    बिजली की बातीसे तू खुदको सुलगा कर

    सबका दिया बन तू अकेला
    तेरा आह्वान सुन कोई ना आए तो चल तू अकेला.

    साभार ..

  9. সুন্দর ... রবীন্দ্র নাথ ঠাকুর বিষয় পর ভালো লাগলো