Monday, October 12, 2009

karva chauth with a twist

Sourced from Times of India, this news piece shows how times have changed but traditions still continue in a novel way.
http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/city/ chandigarh/ Not-straight- and-simple- Karva-Chauth/ articleshow/ 5100047.cms

Not straight and simple Karva Chauth
Supriya Bhardwaj, TNN 8 October 2009,

CHANDIGARH: Karva Chauth, which is the celebration of matrimonial love and devotion, is also changing as our society's definition of marriage evolves.

New facets of traditional relationships emerged, as city residents observed the festival on Wednesday.

Apart from married women, men also fasted on the day. But the most novel development of this year's festival was that homosexuals also became part of the celebrations. Paro, 19, a gay man from Manimajra, fasted for his "husband" on the day.

Clad in a salwar-kameez, Paro joined the women of his locality in listening to vrat katha and worshipping. Apart from participating in rituals with women, Paro was also excited about the gifts that his "husband" bestowed upon him.

"This Karva Chauth, my husband bought me a gold chain and silver anklets. The attitude of society is gradually changing regarding us," he said.

A gay couple in Panchkula also fasted for each other's longevity. They said the court's order relaxing rules under Section 377 of Indian Penal Code had made their lives easier. "After such a long time, we are enjoying a certain amount of freedom thanks to court's order. We are like any other couple and have normal feelings," said the "husband" on condition of anonymity.

Temples and parks emerged as hub of activity on Wednesday when women worshipped and listened to vrat katha. The wait for the moon led to roads in city being deserted in the evening. However, the night saw many visiting the markets.

Married men also continued the recent tradition of fasting for long lives of their wives.

Sector-44 resident Kavita Sharma, who tied the knot recently, said, "This time, my husband too decided to fast with me."


  1. as they say the only thing constant in life is change... :)

  2. our country has advanced to a great extent & so hav men,keeping aside al their ego problemz, doing fasts themselvz for their better-halves....