Friday, April 3, 2009

Super Achiever

She comes exactly bang on time! Hardly takes a leave but when she takes it is for some very obvious reasons. Her Human resource management is perfect to the T. She may bring along some additional hands if the work pressure is difficult to handle. Moreover, her work is quite up to the mark, doesn't waste her time in dilly-dallying. Starts her work at 6:30 in the morning which means she starts her day at 5 and finishes her chores by 4 in the evening. Whats more, she manages her job and home perfectly well. She is unaffected by recession the way we mere mortals seem to be affected.
For me, she is a real super achiever! And my dear friends, she is none other than my maid. As they say, it is easier to get God these days but to get a good, time abiding, punctual maid is an uphill task. And I am so lucky to have one. Apart from her work, her qualities and efficiency in managing things impress me the most. Taking care of her three growing up kind (two of them are daughters in their teens, living and coping with an illiterate, good for nothing husband, her priority in life is to get her children educated and well settled.
I pray that all her wishes get fulfilled in life!

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