Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kaminey....a master piece

Ye ishq nahi aasaan...aji aag ka dariya hai....patwar pehen jana hai! Nobody could dare to attempt Ghalib in the way Gulzar has used in the Fatak song of Kaminey and penning the whole song with AIDS at its core. Kaminey is eye revealing, proving that Indian cinema is finally leaving its shell behind and coming of age. Shahid's lisp and stammer are so much believable and his portraying the role of identical twins is as different as chalk and cheese.
Kaminey is dark, rustic with a liberal concoction of Marathi, Bengali, Hindi and foreign langauage minus the subtitles (giving the audience some food for thought and poles apart from no-brainers we get these days!)
Hats off to Vishal for daring to attempt a story bought from anon Cajetan Boy and turning it into a master-piece.


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  2. excellent review, it means now i can take risk of wathing kaminey....

  3. I get that nobody could attempt Ghalib better than Gulzar but I didnt get how Gulzar attepted Ghalib in Fatak.
    I do think this song was awesome. When I first heard this song I thought Gulzar is losing knack. but after I watched movie it made sense

  4. Hey good stuff *** keep up the good work!