Sunday, October 28, 2007

Movies.. an intrinsic part of our lives

I believe, movie watching is a very intimate experience, one that cannot be shared with each and everyone. Same way it is difficult to watch the movie with others. Good movie is more enriching and fulfilling experience than a good night out. We are most inspired by those movies with which we can relate ourselves because while watching the movie we are sharing a part of our life with the life of protagonist. We are consciously or unconsciously applying that to solve the puzzles of our own life. That’s why we like those movies the most that come closer to our own experiences. The movies that become a major hit become so because they touch a chord in most of the people. The filmmaker knows the nuances of that emotion which will be shared by most of the people. Some films inspire us to change our lives the way protagonist take hold of his life. Some may be showing our own unfulfilled dreams or our own aspirations. The angry young man of 70s was one such protagonist who inspired people, who told them that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Many of us are unable to relate to that oppressed, rural setting of 50s or 60s but we can immediately feel what DJ must be going through in RDB.

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